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just got one and was surprised at seeing a gap between the slide and the frame above the slide release about 1/22in by 2 inches. you can see through and out the other side of the gun. called SW they said not to worry. this appears to be a nice opening for sand, dirt etc to go straight into the guts of the gun. ant thoughts on this?

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Internally the CZ-85 COMBAT does not have the firing pin block, the lockwork is the same at the original CZ-75. Also the CZ-85 COMBAT is the only one to have adjustable sights. Ideally a "new" CZ-85 COMBAT Stainless would have the SA frame shape, a reversible magazine release, and some new adjustable tritium sights.

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WELCOME TO APEX. Welcome to the Apex Park and Recreation District. Our mission is to enhance the health of our community – socially, emotionally and physically – by being a gathering place and trusted resource for a variety of activities and programs that connect people and improve their quality of life.
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The part is supposed to hold the slide open, but the proper way to release the slide is to pull back on the slide and release it. Even though I can reach the slide catch with my finger, I avoid using it to release the slide since in an emergency the fine motor skill needed to do so just won't be there.
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Cylinder & Slide Custom Handguns for immediate sale. 1911, Browning Hi Power, Para-Ordnance, Walther, Ruger, Kahr, Springfield. These are current inventory.
Hi davmiles7, welcome to the Sony Forums . All auto-lock accessories have a release button near to the shoe mount itself. Press the button and the accessory should slide off towards the rear of the mount.
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  • The extended slide stop and the extended mag release parts are both well made. Instruction videos make it easy to do the installation quickly and accurately. Operation with the new parts is as expected - definite improvement over original parts. I like the how the red color makes the slide release and mag release stand out from the black frame.
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  • Dec 28, 2019 ·  If the HK VP9 hasn’t been a runaway hit, it’s at least been a solid entry in the polymer frame/striker fired handgun market. While we saw the HK VP9SK “subcompact” version not long after the full size gun’s launch, it seemed like it took a while to launch the longslide and button mag release versions – hence the L and the B in the VP9LB model name.
  • Apex Legends is a free-to-play first-person hero shooter battle royale game developed by Respawn Entertainment and published by Electronic Arts.It was released for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One on February 4, 2019, without any prior announcement or marketing. A Nintendo Switch version is planned for release in 2021, along with cross-platform play between all supported ...
  • Nov 28, 2017 · Like its predecessor, the original SP-01 Shadow, the Shadow 2 is built upon the CZ 75 platform with a pure focus on competition. The slide is actually contoured to focus the recoil impulse more closely to the centerline of the bore, and the full-length dust cover adds weight up front to assist with recoil.
  • GUN TOOLS NEEDED ------ GUN TOOLS NEEDED TuffMan Tools, Roll Pin Punch Set 9pc FMHT75077 FatMax Punch Set, 6 Piece...
  • This was a bit of a wait (17 weeks) but worth it! Very crisp machine work and super sleek style! I have already sent in a second slide for this treatment. My Favorite Cut Posted by mike on Mar 31st 2017 The design of the Combat Master is by far my favorite. It incorporates all of the best features without being overly aggressive.
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