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Với hai pickups single-coil và cảm giác đàn mượt mà, Player Jazz Bass là cây đàn đầy cảm hứng cùng phong cách classic nâng tầm và chất âm bass Fender thật thụ. Âm thanh mạnh, chắc; chất tiếng growling cùng cảm giác đàn nhanh mượt mang đến nguồnc ảm hứng sáng tạo. Sẵn sàng bước vào studio hoặc lên sân khấu, Player Jazz

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WD® Custom Pickguards For Fender® Jazz Bass® These standard model WD® Custom Pickguards for the Fender® Jazz Bass® can be modified for any pickup or control configuration.

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Fender Modern Player Jazz Bass (2013) has 0 ratings (Score 0 out of 5 based on 0 ratings ). Disclaimer. This page contains information, pictures, videos, user generated reviews, automatically generated review and videos about Fender Modern Player Jazz Bass (2013) but we do not warrant the quality, accuracy or completeness of any information on our web site.
This Bundle Includes:4 x Fender Player Mustang Bass PJ MN 3-Color Sunburst w/3-Ply Black Pickguard (CME Exclusive)4 x Fender Professional 10' Instrument Cable Black S/S4 x Fender Rumble 154 x Fender FB610 Gig Bag for Electric BassThis Fender Offset Series Mustang Bass Comes in a CME Exclusive 3-Color Sunburst Finish!
Jazz Bass Scratchplate Pickguard for Fender Jazz Bass Posted by Neil McGann on 7th Feb 2020 A perfect fit for my 2008 Mexican Jazz bass.
Dec 22, 2020 · This one is a Jazz Bass in good condition. Some surface scratches from regular use and a few minor indents near the bridge, which were caused by installing a high mass bridge (and would be covered up if one was re-installed). Nothing else major that I see. Comes with original white pickguard as well, which still has plastic on it.
P Bass® Greasy Groove® pickguards for the Fender® Precision Bass® PBass®: Standard. In its standard, post-1957 configuration, the Precision Bass PBass®: is a solid body, four-stringed instrument equipped with a single split-coil humbucking pickup.
La Fender Jazz Bass est un modèle de guitare basse proposée au catalogue Fender en mars 1960. Annoncée initialement sous le nom de code de "Deluxe Model" [ 1 ] , elle est renommée "Jazz Bass" après que son manche, plus étroit et arrondi que celui de la Precision Bass , a été redessiné pour les musiciens de jazz .
Fender Jazz Bass 3-Ply Pickguard Black. The Fender Jazz Bass 3-Ply Pickguard is a 10-hole pickguard similar to the '62 J Bass minus the 4 extra holes for pickup cover, thumb rest, and the 11th mounting screw, above the
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Fender Player Jazz Bass Parchment PICKGUARD Guitar Parts 3 Ply. Product Details. $19.99. SKU: 383762150570 Shipping: Calculated at checkout : Quantity: Product Description. Description: Official Fender Player Jazz Bass Pickguard- includes original screws- Genuine Fender. Condition: Mint ...
  • Genuine Fender replacement guard with a 10 hole screw pattern, 3-ply. Will not fit 5-String Jazz Basses. Similar to the '62 J Bass minus the 4 extra holes for pickup cover, thumbrest and the 11th mounting screw, above the rhythm pickup. Some pickguards are notched for heel mounted truss rod adjustments.
  • Any advanced player would tell you that the right bass is the bass that feels good in your hands. It could be an American Fender Jazz Bass or a chinese Squier Affinity Jazz Bass.
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  • Custom Pickguards for Fender guitars and basses. Telecaster, Stratocaster, Jaguar, Jazz Master, Musicmaster, Bronco Bass and much more!
  • The style has been a mainstay ever since, as seen here on a 2013 Jazz Bass model. Faux tortoiseshell pickguards made their first appearance in 1959, when most (but not all) Fender instruments were revised with multi-ply pickguards made of celluloid-the patented name for cellulose nitrate, the world's first semi-synthetic plastic, which had been ...
  • With its dual single-coil pickups and smooth playing feel, the Player Jazz Bass is an inspiring instrument with classic, elevated style and authentic Fender bass tone. It’s powerful, rumbling sound is punchy and tight; a growling voice that’s matched with fast, smooth playing feel for a shot of creative inspiration.
  • Selling a brand new G&L Jazz Bass in a beautiful turquoise mist with a maple neck and fingerboard. Plays, looks and sounds phenomenal! Per G&L on this beautiful instrument: Players fond of the old adage “if it ain’t broke…” haven’t played a JB.
  • FLEOR 10 Hole Red Tortoise Pickguard Jazz Bass Pick Guards w/Screws for 4 Strings American/Mexican Standard Jazz Bass Part, 4Ply Scratch Plate. Jazz Bass Scratchplate Pickguard for Fender Jazz Bass - Black 1-ply. Musiclily Pro 11-Hole J Bass Pickguard for JPN Fender Japan 4-String Jazz Bass, 4Ply Vintage Tortoise.
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