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# fstransform /dev/sda3 btrfs --force-untested-file-systems O mesmo comando foi usado para converter Ext4 em NTFS e este em Ext4 novamente. Nesse caso específico, de Ext4 para Btrfs, recomendo novamente usar o método oficial de conversão destes sistemas de arquivos.

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In theory fstransform can be made to work with any Linux filesystem that supports sparse files (both ext4 and XFS are supported). It does require some free space (more than 10% free is recommended to transform to XFS) and the filesystem must be taken offline to transform.

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btrfs restore will help you copy data off a broken btrfs filesystem. See its page: Restore; btrfs check --repair, aka btrfsck is your last option if the ones above have not worked. btrfs check --repair . btrfs check --repair (used to be called btrfsck) checks consistency of a btrfs filesystem, and optionally repair some types of breakage.
Nov 02, 2014 · fstransform to ntfs on a 700G file system with big files was successful :) One trick is to mount NTFS file systems with the option "-o big_writes". Now testing frstransform from ntfs to btrfs (another untested file system), I will post the results.
Como converti de um sistema que era "btrfs" para "ext4": $ sudo fstransform /dev/sdc1 ext4 --force-untested-file-systems. By Odair J. Bellini - março 22, 2020
I need to convert my root (/) fs, a reiser4, to ext4, and a friend of mine recommended using cp or even tar on that. I've read man cp and I'll try it soon, the suggested method is to mount the target fs on another OS, if possible a live one, format the partition and then just extract/copy the data back.
Facebook开始试验性部署Btrfs文件系统 Gavin 运维资讯 阅读 14.3k 2014-03-31 07:30 2457天前 通过tune2fs释放Linux系统预留的硬盘空间
Description: fstransform is a tool to change a file-system from one format to another, for example from jfs/xfs/reiser to ext2/ext3/ext4, in-place and without the need for backup.
Manjaro is a GNU/Linux distribution based on Arch. A rolling release distro featuring a user-friendly installer, tested updates and a community of friendly users for support.
Sep 23, 2010 · At the end, I sold the NAS and bought a DS918+ with brand new drives. I formatted it as BTRFS from the start and got no problem at all. It's been more than 6 months now. The bottom line is better is worse than good : if everything is fine now, don't try to move to BTRFS. Unless you do need its features.
Good to know you agree :) Massimiliano P.S. last time I tried btrfs (admittedly 2 years ago), it did not like at all the operations performed by fstransform - I was not able to have fstransform running reliably on it, neither as source nor as destination file system.
  • Btrfs or B-tree file system is a GPL-licensed copy-on-write (COW) was developed by multiple companies as follows Oracle, Redhat, Fujitsu, Intel, Facebook, Linux Foundation, Suse, etc.- Part 3- Part 3
  • Start: 2019-05-02 12:35:19 UTC [stable] Package: daptup Version: 0.12.7 Installed-Size: 142 Maintainer: Eugene V. Lyubimkin Architecture: all Depends: perl, liblocale ...
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  • 使用 fstransform ... 默认使用 BTRFS 文件系统的特性推迟到 Fedora 17 (2011-08-09) Gentoo 11.2 LiveDVD (2011-08-09) PC-BSD 9.0 beta (2011-08-08)
  • This version of Parted Magic updates GParted, Clonezilla, Linux kernel and adds a few programs. GParted has been upgraded to version 0.29.0. Clonezilla has been updated to version 3.27.13, partclone to 0.2.91, and drbl to 2.25.6.
  • Description: fstransform is a tool to change a file-system from one format to another, for example from jfs/xfs/reiser to ext2/ext3/ext4, in-place and without the need for backup.
  • All Debian Packages in "wheezy" Generated: Sat Mar 15 11:36:20 2014 UTC Copyright © 1997 - 2014 SPI Inc.; See
  • Package: accountsservice Version: 0.6.37-3+bsos2 Architecture: amd64 Maintainer: Alessio Treglia Installed-Size: 759 Depends: dbus, libaccountsservice0 (= 0.6.37-3 ...
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