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The 66-1030 Dodge Ram 1500 kit features a pair of CNC-machined aircraft-grade 6061 T-6 billet Aluminum strut extensions designed specifically for the Dodge Ram trucks. This lift also allows the 2006-2017 Dodge truck owner to install up to 35" tall off-road tires without concern for clearance issues.

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Dodge Ram 1500 4WD INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS INTRODUCTION Installation requires a professional mechanic. Prior to beginning, inspect the vehicles steering, driveline, and brake systems, paying close attention to the suspension link arms and bushings, anti-sway bars and bushings, tie rod ends, pitman arm, ball joints and wheel bearings. Also check

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to change the torsion bar on the dodge ram 1500 you are going to jack up the vehicle on the wheel to adjust it, and you are going to place the frame rail on the jack stand.... crawl underneath the vehicle and through the torsion bar on the door. change the torsion bar with the ratchet lower the chassis and test the frame clearances to the ground.
The 2002-2003 Dodge Ram - 1500, 2500, and 3500 Specifications The 2002-03 Ram was available in regular cab and Quad Cab styles. It was built at Dodge City in Warren, Michigan (1500 only); St. Louis, Missouri; and Saltillo, Mexico. Information courtesy of Dodge. Engines 3.7 liter "Next Generation" Magnum V-6 (1500 only)
Dec 18, 2006 · There is an adjustment bolt for each torsion bar located on the crossmember. 'Tightening' it will run the bolt against the torsion key, causing the key to rotate slightly causing your truck to ride higher. Start small, like one turn at a time and move the truck back and forth a little bit so that the suspension can settle.
If yes, it is. Congrats for you. We have all the information sush asDetail Product , Price, Customer Review Feedback of the 2009 2012 Dodge Ram 1500 Towing Mirrors Power Adjustment with Heated Function for you need. 2009 2012 Dodge Ram 1500 Towing Mirrors Power Adjustment with Heated Function Image Reviews :
Acdelco 45K31003 Adjustable Torsion Bar Key 2002-2003 Dodge Ram 1500 ACDelco Professional Adjustable Torsion Bar Key is a high quality aftermarket replacement component for one or more of the following vehicle systems: steering and suspension.
Ram 2500/3500 5.7 V8 (4×2) (CAN) (DR/DH/D1/DC/DM) (2005 – 2005) HEMI: 6.6: 5 000 km/ 3 months: Ram 2500/3500 5.7 V8 (4×4) (USA) (DR/DH/D1/DC/DM) (2005 – 2005)
The factory sway bar gives the truck a lazy feel in corners while you still experience body roll. With a lighter torsion rate and adjustable arm design, the high speed cornering of your Dodge Ram will be a natural cycle of weight exchange, followed by the suspension "setting" in the corner. Twist It...Let your axle move, the way it was designed to.
Getting a more personalized or stock look with a Torsion Bar Adjustment. One of the unique features of a classic Mopar is the front torsion bar used in place of the commonly used coil spring front suspension. The torsion bars have an adjuster which allows control of the front end ride height without replacing any parts.
A torsion bar suspension, also known as a torsion spring suspension, is any vehicle suspension that uses a torsion bar as its main weight-bearing spring. One end of a long metal bar is attached firmly to the vehicle chassis; the opposite end terminates in a lever, the torsion key, mounted perpendicular to the bar, that is attached to a suspension arm, a spindle, or the axle.
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  • Hex Flange Lock Nut, Mounting. M16x20-LCA Mounting. [z2b,z3a,z3b,z7b,z8a,z8b] spring/shackle. LCA to Frame. Lower Control Arm. UCA to Frame. [Z2B,Z3A,Z7B,Z8B] Spring ...
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  • Jan 01, 2009 · Superlift Suspension now offers a leveling kit for 1999-2007 Chevy, GMC and Hummer trucks and SUVs, 1997-2004 Ford F150 4wd trucks and Dodge Ram 1500. Check out the Level-It torsion bar leveling ...
  • A Dodge Dakota with four wheel drive uses a torsion bar suspension system, and you can adjust the torsion bar through its adjuster bolt. Adjusting the bar is a very precise task, as the Dakota's suspension needs to be level on both sides and set to a specific ride height.
  • Adjust the torsion bar. Turning the adjustment bolt clockwise will tighten it, raising the amount of load that can be placed on the bar. This will raise the vehicle when it is taken off the jack stand. Turning it counterclockwise will lower the available spring rate and cause the car to sit lower.
  • Research the 2017 Dodge Grand Caravan GT in Roanoke, IL at Roanoke Motor Co. View pictures, specs, and pricing & schedule a test drive today. Roanoke Motor Co Sales 309-340-4871 309-623-4159
  • Replace the damaged sway bar end links on your 2010-2012 Dodge Ram 2500/3500 4WD with the BD-Power 1032051 Sway Bar End Links. A common point of failure on the 2010-2012 4WD 2500/3500, the sway bar end links are prone to wearing or pounding out.
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