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So, wie du bist - (Oikawa x Reader) von AmberBenetton. Kurzbeschreibung Geschichte Freundschaft, Liebesgeschichte / P16 ... Ich hatte Angst.

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Mar 18, 2015 · I’m Gonna Marry Mommy!: Oikawa Tooru x Reader ”____~” Oikawa cooed as he wrapped his arms around your waist. “What is it Tooru? You’re distracting me.” you yawned as you tried your best to stay awake. A few moments ago you had been sound asleep but thanks to Oikawa’s constant whining you lazi

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Oikawa took a step back, just in case Iwaizumi was going to swing at him. “The whole test was about adjectives! I studied verbs the whole night because I trusted you!” He smacked Oikawa on the head with his test paper. “But Iwa-chan, you’re smart. You couldn’t have failed.” Oikawa took the paper from Iwaizumi and read it quietly.
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Kagehina Oikawa X Iwaizumi Daisuga Kuroken Iwaoi Haikyuu Funny Haikyuu Fanart Haikyuu Ships Haikyuu Genderbend. More information... More ideas for you
a/n: this is for the cheese cult’s hanahaki event, i am so nervous to publish this since it’s my first fic but i hope you all enjoy! heart goes out to @shishinoya and @cupofkenma for beta-ing, thank you so much <33 also thank you to @akaashichigo for creating the discord server, allowing me to meet amazing creators and inspiring me to write, you have no idea how much this server means to me!!
Anonymous asked: The last lines of the scenario of Oikawa's s/o dying made me tear up I am going to kill myself with this blog omg. Like it will be the death of me I can't. I blame you for being good at writing angst. ;-; (But don't stop because it's great)
Kagehina Oikawa X Iwaizumi Daisuga Kuroken Iwaoi Haikyuu Funny Haikyuu Fanart Haikyuu Ships Haikyuu Genderbend. More information... More ideas for you
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Pride (Oikawa Tooru x Reader) Uh hi so I finally made that one shot and decided Oikawa would be the be s t one for it so I hope you enjoy (i cried while writing this) ((thanks, me)) WARNING: a n g s t and slight lemon but it’s very mild it’s like lemonade when you’ve finished drinking it and the ice melts
Congrats on 3000 !!! I love your writting! Since you take requests could yuo make a yuri p x reader like when their older and have 2 kids or something?? Wattpad readers always make me feel rushed.
  • Lyrics from Animelyrics.com. Even the sadness of that day, even the pain of that day Together with you, I loved all of it What is left over and refuses to leave my chest is the bitter scent of lemon Until the rain stops, I can't go home Even now, you are my light.
  • Manga X Reader [One Shot] - 1 | Oikawa Tooru. Chaque semaine tu auras le droit à ton beau gosse dans un OS de unique - ̶o̶u̶ ̶p̶a̶s̶-. Enfin, désolé Reader-chan, je ne suis qu'une jeune fille avec pas beaucoup de talent mais j'espère que mes histoires vont te plaire.
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  • Nov 22, 2017 - Oikawa is always ready for the camera hahaha
  • Little Nishiki x Reader lemon. You are happy about your victories but your eye can't help but always find a certain person in the crowd An omega's first heat can occur anywhere from age 10 to age 17, which triggers the start of puberty for an omega.
  • pat — Oikawa Tooru x Listener 49:11. tooru oikawa — tooru oikawa's favorite food is milk bread 00:09. Oikawa Tooru — загадочная мелодия 01:31.
  • Levi X Reader Angst Deviantart. Angst is often used in fandom to characterize things which are intended to provoke the feeling of unrest and uncertainty in readers. Pairing: Lucifer!Hoseok x Angel!Reader Summary: On the shores of Brighton Beach, Hoseok stands alone to watch the sunrise.
  • Haikyuu x omega male reader lemon. Haikyuu x omega male reader lemon ...
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