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These auctions are comprised of firearms such as sporting and hunting firearms, manufacturers such Browning, Winchester, Ruger, Colt, Remington, Smith & Wesson, plus Japanese and European military firearms. You will also find firearm related books, holsters, swords, parts, leather, ammunition and more.

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Aluminum upper & lower AR pistol with factory-installed SB Tactical SBA3 5-position adjustable pistol arm stabilizing brace. SKU: DB15PCML10SB3 UPC: 810035751576 MPN: DB15PCML10SB3 Manufacturer: Diamondback Firearms Mode

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Historic Polish P64 pistol manufactured in the famous Radom Plant, semi-automatic, 9x18 caliber.These are very nice examples of these pistols and we especially like the discreet and unobtrusive importer stamp on these - it is on the underside of the pistol forward of the trigger guard and leaves the visible sides of the slide and the original factory markings unmolested. Don't miss the ...
Indeed, by 1767 Birmingham could boast of having 35 gun and pistol makers, 8 gun barrel makers and filers, 5 gun barrel polishers and finishers, 11 gunlock makers, forgers and finishers, and 3 gun swivel and stock makers, supplying all of the kingdom.
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The Southpaw Sterling from CZ is the best double barrel shotgun for home defense to be used by left-handed shooters. The gun is optimized for lefties, which gives it far better ergonomics for them than the vast majority of weapons.
Jun 29, 2004 · I have NEVER--NOT ONCE--heard of anyone being dissatisfied with a Bar-Sto barrel that was properly installed. This is NOT to say that it will not and does not happen, but I find it unlikely. I have a Bar-Sto installed in my DCM/CMP hardball gun. The pistol has fired 1.38 inch, five-round groups at 50 yards with GI ball ammunition.
The Gun Works Muzzleloading Emporium, Inc. is an Authorized Distrubutor for Thompson Center, Lyman, Traditions, CVA, Hornady, Buffalo Bullet Co., Warren Mfg., Ox-Yoke Originals, Blue & Grey, Colrain Barrels, Goex, Bridgers Best, RWS, CCI, Circle Fly, Treso, Oklahoma Leather Co., October Country, H&B, Three Rivers, Lee Products, Ted Cash Manufacturing, Uncle Mikes/Butler Creek, Birchwood Casey, California Sights, MSM Mfg., and the Oregon Barrel Co.
Albion was founded in 1929 by F. Karl Schneider. In 1935, he patented the first smooth rod drive caulking gun. For three generations Albion has been in the forefront of engineering, innovation, and design excellence. Patent No. 1986166. Engineering TIDBIT. Swiveling Barrel
Sep 10, 2015 · Mike at T.J.'s tells me he make many barrels for the air gun crowd. He even sent me a short piece of 58 caliber barrel for an air gun. He is presently trying to come up with the proper size tube for making a 30 caliber air gun barrel.
Rock Creek Gun Class 2 Manufacturer. My Account : Login. Shopping Bag 0 item(s ... Integral Grease Gun Suppressor built on customer supplied barrel (0) Your Price ...
  • Apr 09, 2014 · Removing Manufacturer Stickers From Gun Barrel Recently purchased a Browning Citori and there was the Browning Logo/Name sticker on the underside of the barrel. What chemical can take the residual sticker glue off the barrel without harming the bluing?
  • EFK Fire Dragon is the place to get your pistol and gun accessories. Get more for less. We have ported and standard barrels, compensators, bushings, and other parts and pistol accessories for Glock, Ruger, 1911, Springfield, Walther, FN, CZ75, HK USP, Sigma, and more.
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  • The 8 1/2” stainless steel bull barrel has a diameter of .875 inches.The aluminum rib incorporates fully adjustable target sights as well as an intergral weaver base to mount scopes or optics.The single action design has an internal hammer,a firing pin block and a last round slide hold open feature.These accurate and dependable pistols are ...
  • $350.00. Colt, Walther 1911 Rail In .22Lr With 5" Barrel and 1-12 Round Mag NIB (517.03.10) Manufacturer: Colt; Walther Model: 1911 Rail Gun FDE Condition: Factory New Caliber/Gauge: .22 LR
  • * This Scarce •577-500 double rifle by the well respected British gun maker “Joseph Lang” it has 27″ barrels with very good bores, the pistol grip stock has a 14 5/8″ pull, brass cornered leather case with all good stitching and replacement straps, complete with manufacturers letter, only £5,500 *
  • Shop AR15 Barrels from Aero Precision. 5.56 NATO, .223 Wylde, 300 Blackout, .224 Vaklyrie and 6.5 Grendel offerings.
  • GUN BARRELS • 3" ordnance rifle (72.7") • 6 pdr., 1841 style (65.6") • 3" parrott rifle (78.4") • 12 pdr. field howitzer (58.6") Gun barrels have a thin steel outside liner, a central steel tube, and concrete fill between the steel tube and the outside liner. Machined end-pieces constructed of solid PVC. PRODUCT SIZES
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