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ConfigureExchangeURLs.ps1 is a PowerShell script to make it quick and easy to configure the Client Access namespaces on your Exchange servers. The script is designed to apply the same namespace to all Client Access services on the server. You can specify different internal and external URLs.

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Jan 24, 2020 · Khronos and the Vulkan community will support Vulkan 1.2 in a wide range of open source compilers, tools, and debuggers by the end of January 2020. Driver release updates will be posted on the Vulkan Public Release Tracker. Find more information on the Vulkan 1.2 specification and associated tests and tools at: Khronos’ Vulkan Resource Page

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Open multiple URls at once with single click. Also supports delay in opening URls. You now can get all links from opened tabs and put them in in list on multiple url opener.
Apr 07, 2019 · PowerShell 7 is based on .NET Core 3.0 which means that compatibility with Windows PowerShell modules increases to over 90%. PowerShell 7 will ship with Windows eventually; first, as a side-by-side feature with Windows PowerShell 5.1 so that users and administrators may use both versions of PowerShell on the same machine.
wlindimore .Net Controls, PowerShell, PowerShell GUI, WinForms 3 Comments. I have been thinking about writing a script where I wanted to open some In a basic WinForms window setup I added the WebBrowser control configuring location, size and the URL. I also enabled the context menu (right...
Windows PowerShell 5.1 or newer, run as administrator; The Script Permalink. I’ll start by sharing the entire script, then walking through each section below. I’m always open to suggestions, so feel free to open a pull request or comment below! < #
$ie = new-object -com internetexplorer.application $ie.visible=$true $ie.navigate('') while($ie.busy) {sleep 1} $link = $ie.Document.getElementsByTagName('A') | where-object {$_.innerText -eq 'Click here'} $
Recently the PowerShell Team published their PowerShell Core 6.1 Roadmap. Several questions have come up about 6.1 plans for Invoke-WebRequest and Invoke-RestMethod. You may have noticed there is no mention of the Web Cmdlets in their roadmap. That is because the majority of the feature work for the cmdlets is being done by yours truly.
Windows PowerShell is a command-line shell and scripting language designed especially for system administration. Its analogue in Linux is called as Bash Scripting. Built on the .NET Framework, Windows PowerShell helps IT professionals to control and automate the administration of the Windows ...
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How to open web URL in browser from PowerShell? Most of the methods that I have checked, it opens ... What's the simplest way to do that! But I need to open web URL in a specific browser like firefox, Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Internet Explorer IE In PowerShell?
  • How to Add "Edit with PowerShell ISE x86 as administrator" context menu in Windows 10 The Windows PowerShell Integrated Scripting Environment (ISE) is one of two hosts for the Windows PowerShell engine and language. With it you can write, run, and test scripts in ways that are not available in the Windows PowerShell Console.
  • Sep 11, 2016 · As we aware the WebpartManager class is helpful in Server side object model. The question popped-up in my mind “Is this possible by using PowerShell scripting?“. I found answer as “Yes”. Below is t…
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  • It has been many years and a couple of versions of SharePoint since I posted and I figured it's time to resurrect SharePoint Wisdom. What better way to start than a sample powershell function that will add/edit a managed property and map a crawled property to it in SharePoint 2013.
  • PowerShell Commands for Pentesters - InfosecMatter A collection of 25+ PowerShell commands for pentesters and red teamers - finding sensitive information, extracting credentials, privilege escalation, network scanning etc.
  • Feb 16, 2016 · When I type or paste an URL in my message in Outlook on the Web (OWA), some sort of preview is sometimes added with a logo and a description of the website or a still image of a YouTube video. It looks OK but unfortunately, sometimes it doesn’t work and sometimes it is being added in the middle of my sentence after I’ve added an URL which is very awkward to say the least. I now have the ...
  • Command line reference for Windows CMD, PowerShell, MacOS and Linux bash. Also includes Oracle, SQL Server database, and VBscript commands.
  • PowerShell does however have full access to .NET. Which turns out you can make a web server. Which means you can serve HTML from PowerShell and collect feedback from a web browser (See Obscure sec’s dirty PowerShell WebServer and the MSDN docs for HTTP Listener). PowerShell can also host a web browser in a winforms object. This means ...
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