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11-bit Auxiliary DAC, 20MHz, TSMC 40nm LP • Dozens of successful tape outs. 24-bit, 96 dB Dynamic Range, 8-192kHz Sampling. Rate Stereo Audio Codec, SMIC 65nm LL. 12-bit Current Steering IQDAC , 80MHzwith. current output, TSMC 40nm LP. Since January 2010…. • 62 Tape outs • 14 Families of IP • 25 Process nodes • 55 PDK's

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TSMC breaks ground on thin-film solar R&D center and fab. 16 September 2010. Building-integrated PV installed capacity to grow tenfold to 2.4GW by 2016. 16 September 2010. JPSA’s laser system shipments grow 250% so far in 2010, driven by LEDs. 16 September 2010

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The company has developed an SoC design template based on Arm M0 as well as a RISC-V SoC. Efabless supports GlobalFoundries’ 130G node, XFAB’s 180nm and 350nm nodes, and recently participated in the production of an open-source PDK for SkyWater’s 130nm process. Based in San Jose, CA, Efabless was founded in 2014.
pdk是ic設計與製造客戶晶片產品的晶圓廠之間的關鍵接口。 新收購的團隊將增強格芯的規模和能力,同時增強其專用應用程序解決方案的競爭力 ...
voltage of 3.3V (typical case) in the TSMC 0.18um 1.8V/3.3V 0.18um process. Design engineers can refer to this book for DC characteristics, cell availability, cell descriptions, datasheets, and so on. Table 1.1 provides physical specifications about the TPZ973GV library. Table 1.1: Physical Specifications of Standard I/O
free download of tsmc 180nm pdk Who can upload a new gpdk (Cadence general purpose design kit) for 180nm or 90nm? Better would be CDK (Cadence Complete Design Kit)? They should be free according to Cadence but I can't download them. BTW, the newest TSMC design uses more than 100Mbytes!
Jun 22, 2018 · SilTerra unveils 180nm ultra low leakage technology to position in IoT sensor hub IC market (Sep 6, 2017) Chuangfeixin anti-fuse one-time-programming solution qualified in SilTerra high voltage ...
This is a future potential opening with Intrinsix. There is no open position at this time. (Updated 18 December 2020) Qualified candidates must be involved in ASIC and SoC development alongside the ASIC front-end design team, and will have extensive software experience very close to the hardware.
但是7nm,5nm下,能做到所有类型的接口IP都提供的,还是只有Synopsys或Cadence。就在前天,Cadence发了款TSMC 7nm的超高速112G/56G 长距离SerDes,用于云数据中心和光网络芯片,5G基础设施的核心IP。 SMIC14nm的10G多协议PHY IP也是他们独家的,5月14日发布的。
Instead of shifting from 180nm to 130nm, TSMC's offered a 150nm half-node. Between 130nm and 90nm there was a 110nm node; between 90nm and 65nm, an 80nm node, between 65nm and 45nm, a 55nm, etc. Samsung Fab Line.
Dec 20, 2015 · Any mix of polygons, device generators (either custom, built-in or from a foundry supplied Process Design Kit), and cell data are supported in the layout environment. Available as an add- on option to Pyxis Layout, Pyxis SDL enables this functionality, reducing design cycle time and assuring correct-by-construction layout.
  • Experiences Using the RISC-V Ecosystem to Design an Accelerator-Centric SoC in TSMC 16nm Tutu Ajayi 2, Khalid Al-Hawaj1, AporvaAmarnath, Steve Dai1, Scott Davidson 4, Paul Gao, GaiLiu1, Anuj Rao4,
  • The XT018 series is X-FAB’s 0.18 µm modular high-voltage BCD-on-SOI technology. It combines the benefit of SOI wafers with Deep Trench Isolation (DTI) and those of a state-of-the-art six metal layers 0.18 µm process.
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  • 米マキシム・インテグレーテッド(Maxim Integrated)は、同社の90nmプロセス品について日本では三重富士通セミコンダクターに製造委託していることを明らかにした。300mmウエハーで製造する。2017年9月に製造を、同年12月に出荷を始めている。マキシムは90nmプロセス品を台湾の聯華電子(UMC)にも ...
  • May 30, 2014 · In parallel, we are preparing a unified CIS PDK that will be our mainstream PDK for the CIS 65 nanometer process and already includes 20% photomask reduction against the present flow. This process design kit is targeted for all pixels having dimensions larger than 1.35 micron for many types of applications, including obviously the digital SOI ...
  • ADS Interoperability for RFIC Design with ADS2016.01 Updated January 5, 2016 Volker Blaschke Si RFIC Product Marketing & Foundry Program Manager Keysight EDA Silicon RFIC Design Solution Small-scale RFIC LDMOS IPD 0.25u Large-scale RFIC SiGe BiCMOS CMOS-SOI RF-CMOS 0.13u ADS ADS front-to-back User performs complete circuit design to tape-out within ADS platform (using 3rd-party DRC sign ...
  • NVM OTP TSMC 180nm G 3.3V: TSMC: 180G: Fee-Based License: dwc_nvm_ts18ug7sxxxxu0nopxxxi: NVM OTP TSMC 180nm G 3.3V: TSMC: 180G: Fee-Based License: dwc_nvm_ts18ug7sxxxxxpnopxxxi: NVM OTPK TSMC 180nm G 3.3V: TSMC: 180G: Fee-Based License: dwc_nvm_ts18uv1ssn16aeftr: NVM FTP Trim TSMC 180nm G 5V: TSMC: 180G: Fee-Based License: dwc_nvm ...
  • Jun 20, 2015 · TowerJazz PDK Adds Support for Cadence Layout EAD TowerJazz announces its support for the Cadence Virtuoso Layout interactive Electrically Aware Design (EAD) for all of its 180nm processes, including TS18IS (image sensor) process.
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